31 March 2008

Officescan 8.0 Web Console Hangs

We recently had a problem where I could not get into the Trend Micro Officescan web console. The logon page would display correctly, but once I logged on the page would never go into the console itself. Restarting the IIS or Officescan services would not work. The only thing that would get me back into the console was a re-boot of the Windows 2003 Server box itself.

The latest patch from the Trend Micro Website managed to sort out the issues we have been experiencing. So far, there have been no more hiccups. (Hold thumbs)

19 March 2008

Windows Vista SP1

It looks like Windows Vista Service Pack 1 has been released. You can download a standalone installation (x86) from the Microsoft Download centre.
The download weighs in at a pretty heft 434.5 MB. So beware the cap.

The Service Pack does not seem to be available yet via WSUS.
Apparently the Windows Update version of the update will weigh in at only about 65MBfor the x86 version and 125Mb for the x64.
I am waiting to see what the WSUS download is going to do to my cap!
And then there is still Windows XP SP3 which should be out some time soon too!
Ah Telkom, you are going to make some money this month!

18 March 2008

Pacemakers Hacked !?!

The New York Times reports that it is possible to hack some pacemakers:
"They were able to reprogram it to shut down and to deliver jolts of electricity that would potentially be fatal — if the device had been in a person. In this case, the researcher were hacking into a device in a laboratory"
New Your Times

Imagine a heart attack toolkit being released for sale! (Ok so it would cost you an arm and a leg)
I hope these kind vulnerabilities don't become common place in future!

17 March 2008


It seems as though there is a new threat on the web .... MALVERTISING. (Malicious advertising).

Trend Micro:

"Surprisingly, users do not necessarily have to click on an ad to trigger a Web threat."

"viewers may be quickly redirected from the original site to a different site, which initiates a malicious adware download through browser vulnerabilities—a process known as drive-by-download."
Link to Trend Article
Trend Micro Malvertising Threat Prevention

16 March 2008

Vista SP1 a load of crap?

Classic! Some japenese guys have started making toilet paper with Windows Vista SP1 features listed on it! Check it out on Engadget.


Link to translated website with more images :