03 September 2008

Some Google Chrome Features

I have been playing with Google chrome today and found some usefull features that others may enjoy:

Application Shortcuts
This allows you to place shortcuts on your computer that link you to web applications such as Gmail or Facebook. The cool thing about this is that it opens up the application in its own window without all the browser controls etc. This allows you to view more of the application as the screen real-estate is not taken up by the other browser controls.

Incongnito Window
The incognito window feature is pretty cool. It allows you to open a "Special Window" that will not "remember" any information about where you went or what you did. i.e. All cookies, URL's and sessions will not be stored in your history or browser cache. This is a nice feature that will allow you to surf your internet banking or "other" sites (naughty naughty) without the fear of the information being stored on your computer for someone else to find.

Javascript Speed
According to many reports on the internet the implemenation of Javascript in Google Chrome is significantly faster than in other browsers. This is pretty visible when browsing the internet. I think that this browser is much faster than anything I have used before.

New Browser - Google Chrome

Google released a new browser into the wild yesterday. The new browser called Google Chrome has many cool features and I think it has the potential to become a major player in the heavily contested browser market.

The new browser sports a whole bunch of features never before seen in the browser world as well as some of the same old standard things we have come to expect from a modern browser such as tabbed browsing.

As Google tends to do, they thought about stuff a lot more and came up with some really nice solutions to some age old problems.

Lets look at some of the cool new features I think will make this browser take the browser market to new levels:

Tabbed browsing processes
Tabbed browsing has become a standard feature since it was introduced a couple of years back.
The thing is google looked at the tabs and said mmm, lets take this and make it work better. They took the tabs and instead of running them as seperate threads under the same process they decided to split each tab into its own process. The benefit of this accoring to thier website is that it allows for better garbage collection which prevent the browser from using up all the computers resources after it has been open for some time. This will also allow you to end only the tab that causes the problems, not the entire browser itself. This is a major step forward in thinking and I think it will be a matter of time before all the bigger players in the browser market follow suite.

Internal Process Monitoring
Google Chrome comes with its own task manager that allows you to check which tabs and plugins are causing hassels and kill them if they are getting out of hand.

There is also a link in the bottom called stats for nerds which gives you more detail on the tasks.

Advanced URL Bar
Much like the Mozilla Firefox 3 URL bar the Google Chrome address bar gives you rich results based on not only the URL entered but based on the title of the page. In addition to this the Google Chrome address bar also uses google suggest to find search results in the address bar and you can use the address bar to search.

Google has used all of its considerable resources for page rank and other technologies to add assitave technology that is seemless, quick and pretty into this seeming simple portion of the web browser.

User Interface
Of all the browsers that I am awareof on the market today, Google Chrome is the most simple and clean in terms of UI. They have followed thier concepts from thier Google search page and made a very simple, fast and very powerfull system that is easy for anyone to use without much knowledge. Don't be fooled though because behind all the simplicity there are appear to be some awsome tools for the tech savvy nerds.

I have only spent about 1 hour with this browser, but I think this may be the browser of the future! I will keep you posted on any new features that I find.

Get Google Chrome here: http://www.google.com/chrome

02 September 2008

Google to launch web browser

It would appear that Google is looking at releasing a web browser called Chrome in the near future. According to reports on the net there was an accidental release of the information including video and screen shots, most of which have been removed already.

You can find information about the new browser on the following sites:

I for one am looking forward to see what Google can bring to the browser market. I am still however a loyal Firefox user, until something that compete with the power of Firefox and its array of useful extensions I am not budging, but hey Google normally makes really awesome easy to use products so I will hopefully have a copy soon to review.